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Departmental Documents

Most current policy documents can be found on the NSW Department of Education and Training website. These documents are those you will be required to know, and may be asked to implement, when working in government or non-government schools in NSW.

Policies and Support material in Curriculum

Listed below are the Curriculum Collection call numbers for some of the policy and departmental documents which are mandatory for teachers working within the NSW education system, public, private or systemic. Many of these are under review and may therefore not offer electronic access.

~FHCU 371.979915 81
~FHCU 371.979915 81 (support documents from 1982 Aboriginal Education Policy)
~FHCU and RL 370.19342 89
  • Classroom Strategies for Equal Opportunity
~FHCU 370.19345 89
~FHCUP 418.0209944 4
~FHCUP 346.944015 8 A
~Guidelines for Managing Drug Related Incidents in Schools
~FHCU 371.219944 2
~333.72071 3
~FHCU 346.944015 8
~ 370.19345 102
~FHCU 371.5430994 2
~FHCUR 371.1440994 8
~FHRL 371.0072 4

~ FHCU 371.909944 25

Remember NSWDET website has recent policy documents.

Check out the Public reviews and inquiries which should be read in the context of the school environment, such as professional practice and child protection.

Knowledge and implementation of mandated policy documents is required of all teachers in the NSW Department of School Education.

Commonwealth Policies and Reports

Commonwealth policy documents should be examined, especially in relation to issues such as the education of girls and Aboriginal education.

The Commonwealth Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations has links to initiatives in the following areas:

Important NSW Legislation

Useful Web Resources

Reports and Reviews

Many of these reports are now aged, but form the basis for recent developments in our schools and TAFEs:

Report of the Committee of Review of NSW Schools (also known as the Carrick Report)

~ FHCU 379.944 20

Schools Renewal (1989) (also known as the Scott Report)

~ FHCU 371.009944 7

Shaping Their Future; Recommendations for Reform of the Higher School Certificate (also known as "the McGaw Report"

~ FHCU 371.2620994 18

Securing their future:the NSW Government's reforms for the Higher School Certificate

~ FHCU 371.2620994 23

Young people's participation in post-compulsory education and training ( also known as the Finn Report)

~ FHCU 370.1130994 19 A

Putting General Education to Work (Mayer Report)

~ FHCU 374.0130994 53

The Review of the National Policy for the Education of Girls in Australian Schools

~ FHCU 370.19345 28

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