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This is a space for you to interact with, find resources and share teaching tips, so go to it, and make the most of it. Teaching is a collaborative process, and sharing knowledge is the first step in that process.

If you want to add content, or edit a page, you have to first register as a user. Once you have registered, the system operator will give you editing rights and away you go! If it takes a while for your editing rights to be updated, send a quick email to the staff at Curriculum Resources.

Always remember to acknowledge the source of anything that isn't your own work. For information regarding referencing and using footnotes on this Wiki look at the Referencing Guide.

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What's New

Food for thought

  • Radio National EdPods - Listen to stimulating education related topics being discussed by the likes of Morris Gleitzman and Libby Gleeson, or debates on Language teaching or Labor's Education revolution
  • Literature about teachers and teaching - Reading material about who teachers are and what makes a teacher a good teacher.
  • Check out Inspiring Teachers to prompt some discussion on what makes an inspiring teacher

Quality Teaching

Check out the Federal Australian Government Quality Teacher Programme

Curriculum Guides

A link to official sources of information and the policy documents required to meet the NSW Institute of teachers requirements Policy Documents and Official Information

Key Learning Areas

Click on the links to access resources for each subject area.

Education Units of Study

External resources for students

Library Information

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